A compact precision instrument used for measuring surface area and pore size distribution by the volumetric gas adsorption technique.

Microtrac-BELJapan-BELSORP-mini The BELSORP–mini II utilizes the proprietary AFSM method for free space measurement, which produces a highly accurate measurement. 

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Microtrac BELSORP-mini II Applications:

Check out this short webinar that describes the AFSM advantage.

Microtrac BELSORP-mini II Features:

  • Specific surface area – 0.01 m2/g (N2)
  • Pore size distribution – 0.35 ~ 200nm
  • No need to control liquid nitrogen level – AFSM
  • Automatic measurement of saturated vapor pressure
  • Simultaneous and independent measurement of up to three samples
  • Up to four units can be controlled by one computer
  • Compact design

The AFSM Advantage:

The AFSM (Advanced Free Space Measurement) compensates for free space charge in the sample cell.   Most conventional instruments require controlling liquid coolant level to keep free space in the sample cell constant, but AFSM does not require the coolant level control.

With the AFSM, the free space change with the coolant level lowering can be compensated by measuring the pressure change of separate sample cell.

Other methods cannot cancel free space changed by the other reason than liquid coolant level drop, such temperature fluctuation at the upper part of the sample cell, the change of the liquid coolant temperature caused by dissolution of oxygen, etc.  AFSM can eliminate all the factors.

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