BELSORP-MR6 BET Surface Area Analyzer

High-throughput, single point BET surface area analyzer from MicrotracBEL.

The BELSORP-MR6 is the only BET surface area analyzer on the market that can pretreat a sample and simultaneously conduct a measurement.  This unique feature is exclusive to Microtrac, and enables users to increase their analysis capabilities by having to spend less time on pretreatment activities. 

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MicrotracBEL BELSORP-MR6 Applications:

MicrotracBEL BELSORP-MR6 Features:

  • Simultaneous measurement and pretreatment
  • BET single/multipoint (option) measurement
  • Dynamic flow method
  • 6 sample stations
  • Fully automated PC control
  • Adsorption amount with any non-corrosive gases
  • Fast measurement, 10 minutes per sample and up (sample and condition dependent)

 MicrotracBEL BELSORP-MR6 Benefits:

  • Saves time by simultaneously conducting pretreatment and measurement
  • Eliminates the need to prepare balance gas with mix-gas option
  • Full isotherm can be measured with mix-gas option
  • Saturated vapor pressure measurement option for more accurate result, fluctuation in saturation vapor pressure can be canceled

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