Particle Characterization Presentations

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Here is what we couldn’t fit into our first sample prep webinar…Part 2 of our best practices for achieving accurate size measurements via light scattering.

Over dilution can have a negative effect on size and zeta potential measurements. Learn how we consistently produce accurate results at high concentrations with our DLS technology.

Want a fast way to distinguish good particles from bad ones without using additional instruments? Learn about the advanced data analysis features that are available in our dynamic image analysis analyzers.

Whether you are measuring weak scattering particles or multi-modal distributions, we make it easy to accurately size under 100 nanometers.

Learn how to ensure tight size distributions by identifying contaminant particles with our integrated size and shape analyzer.

If you are relying on microscopy or the eye test for measuring particle sphericity you need to check out this webinar to learn about a more accurate alternative.

Should I measure dry or use a liquid dispersion? This webinar will provide guidance on how to achieve accurate particle size measurements for dry powders using laser diffraction.

Learn how you can use light obscuration to get a handle on your dust by creating a baseline number, and monitor deviations with a simple, repeatable tool.

Simultaneously measuring structure changes and adsorption isotherms can lead to breakthrough research discoveries by gaining insight into your materials behavior like never before.  Check out this webinar to learn the advantages of combining XRD with surface analysis instrumentation.

3D Dynamic Image Analysis provides a faster, reliable, and more accurate solution compared to sieve analysis.  Learn how to break up with your sieve by checking out this webinar.  (p.s we also show how you can blend sieve data with diffraction data incase you are not quite ready to move on)

Is your particle surface smooth or rough? Check out this presentation to learn about the advantages of measuring particle angularity with 3D Dynamic Image Analysis.

Good luck trying to measure a multi-mode dispersion of nanoparticles with Photon Correlation Spectroscopy.  Check out this presentation to learn about the unique capabilities of our enhanced Dynamic Light Scattering technique.

Using the eye test to measure particle sphericity often times leads to data discrepancies.  Check out this presentation to learn how 3D Dynamic Image Analysis eliminates data inconsistencies as well as provides a faster, more accurate analysis compared to conventional methods.

Some say preparing a sample for a particle size distribution measured by a Laser Diffraction instrument is an art form. We agree, its delicate task that can have a negative or positive effect on the outcome of your analysis. Check out this short presentation to learn the best tips and tricks for optimal laser PSD measurement sample prep.

Online Dynamic Image Analysis gives quality control departments the ability to see process variations in real time, and enables the operator to troubleshoot immediately.  This instant feedback system leads to improved product quality and increased production capacity.  Check out this short presentation to learn about the advantages of online dynamic image analysis.

At Microtrac, we have always done things our way and Dynamic Light Scattering is no different.  The Controlled Reference Method, also known as Reference Beating, increases the optical signal to the photodetector system anywhere from 100 to 1,000,000 times compared to traditional DLS.  This increase in signal provides the user with superior nanoparticle size analysis capability.  Check out this short presentation that introduces the Microtrac approach to DLS.

Microtrac has been providing integrated laser diffraction and dynamic image analysis solutions for the past 5 years!  See why our Visual Validation approach is the most rugged and precise analyzer on the market.

See which laser diffraction particle size analyzer is right for your application.

Learn about our powerful sieve analysis alternative, the PartAn 3D.

The power of using our patented 3D particle size and shape analysis capability.

The advantage of our proprietary AFSM capability for Surface Area analysis.

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