Surface Analysis Systems

Microtrac and BEL-Japan are joining forces to launch a world-renowned Surface Analysis instrument product portfolio.

The portfolio of established Adsorption instruments include:

BELSORP-mini II – compact, high-precision analyzer used to measure surface area and pore size distribution by the volumetric gas adsorption technique.  

BELSORP-max – micropore analyzer used to measure surface area and pore size distribution.

BELSORP-HP – high-pressure gas adsorption analyzer. 

BELSORP-aqua 3 – vapor adsorption analyzer.

BELSORP-MR6 – high-throughput single point BET analyzer.

BELCAT Series – Ideal for catalyst analysis

The BELSORP-max and BELSORP-mini II feature a proprietary AFSM measurement function which provides users with superior analysis capability.  Check out this short presentation to learn more.

Not sure what surface analysis instrument is right for you?  Please click here to contact Microtrac’s knowledgeable staff.

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