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Using Particle Charge Titration to Understand Eggnog

Posted on: December 13th, 2013 by Microtrac 2 Comments

With Christmas rapidly approaching, Jesse has been working hard on a variety of projects to help support the lab.  Today we found Jesse with an opened container of eggnog.  We began to wonder if the job became too stressful, or Jesse wanted to get a jumpstart on the holiday celebration.

As it turns out, Santa is a big fan of eggnog and only drinks the best.  But Santa has to be careful, because too much eggnog could upset his stomach.   His love of eggnog sounds awfully similar to his obsession with fine gingerbread cookies.

Eggnog is an emulsion and understanding the stability of the mixture is vital to determining its quality and maintaining the right taste.  The slightest deviation in pH could affect the entire batch and have a negative outcome on the taste.  The proper pH balance is important, especially if you are adding alcohol to the eggnog.  Too much alcohol, and the eggnog will chemically turn into an unstable mess, and no one wants to deal with that kind of mess around the holidays.

Santa has asked Jesse to run a titration experiment on a new brand of eggnog to make sure it’s up to his standards.  He wants to know chemically, what is the perfect amount of alcohol that he can add to his eggnog to make sure it does not upset his stomach, and taste great.

Santa is all about speed, how else could he deliver that many toys in one night? Santa asked Jesse to run the experiment on theMicrotrac Stabino, which conducts a forward titration in 5 minutes! That’s roughly an average timesaving’s of 85 minutes.  Talk about fast!

Jesse measured 300 ml’s of eggnog and kept adding various amounts of alcohol in hopes of finding the “right mix.”  Jesse was able to determine that 60 ml  (approximately two shots – depending on who’s pouring) of alcohol was all that was needed to reach the isoelectric point at 3.4.  

Now that Santa knows what it takes to make his eggnog perfect from a chemical standpoint, he is ready to go for the Holidays.  I wonder what he will ask Jesse to do next.  Stay tuned!


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