Particle sizing instrument demonstration at PBE 2013

Particle sizing instrument demonstration at PBE 2013.

Microtrac, the global pioneer of particle characterization will be demonstrating at PBE 2013, its industry preferred laser diffraction product line.  The laser diffraction line is ideal for measuring the particle size distributions of powders.

Powder Bulk and Engineering’s 2013 Midwest Conference & Powder Show, or commonly referred to as PBE 2013, is a regional educational and marketing forum dedicated to powder/dry particulate processing, handling and packaging concerns.  The conference is held from May 21st to May 23rd.  Remarkably, 90% of all PBE attendees live and work within a 500 mile radius of the conference center.

Microtrac will be demonstrating the following industry preferred, particle sizing instruments at PBE 2013.

S3500 – The Microtrac S3500 sets the standard for laser diffraction instrumentation.  This robust instrument can measure particles ranging in size from .02 microns all the way to 2800 microns.  The S3500 also includes a modified Mie calculation for non-spherical particles, a feature unique only to Microtrac.  The S3500 also works in conjunction with the Turbotrac, a dry powder feeder ideal for proper sample dispersion.

DIA – The Microtrac DIA is the only 3-D Dynamic Image Analyzer on the market.  The DIA can measure 25 morphological parameters of particles ranging in size from 20 microns to 35 millimeters.  The DIA is commonly used as an alternative for sieve analysis.

Ask about our hybrid system, the S3500 si.  The S3500 si combines laser diffraction particle sizing and image analysis capability into one bench top unit.

NEW to Microtrac – The MicrotracBEL MR-6, Adsorption Analysis System.  The MR-6 is a high-throughput BET single point measurement system.  Unique only to MicrotracBEL, the MR-6 has the ability to simultaneously conduct pretreatment while analyzing the sample.

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