Particle Characterization for Food Technology IFT 2013

Particle Characterization for Food Technology IFT 2013

Microtrac, the global pioneer of particle characterization will be featuring several systems from their industry preferred product line at the Institute of Food Technology’s annual expo.  Understanding particle characterization data has become increasingly important in the food technology industry, and Microtrac’s instruments provide insight to the challenging questions that plague the food technology community.

The IFT expo is the food industries largest collection of food ingredients, equipment, processing, and packaging suppliers, all showcasing their products and processes in one location.  IFT 2013 is taking place at McCormick Place South in beautiful down town Chicago, from July 14th to 16th.

Microtrac will be featuring the following particle characterization systems at booth 559:

Bluewave – The Bluewave is the first laser diffraction particle size analyzer to use blue laser diodes for material characterization.  By using blue lasers, end-users are able to analyzer their sample with unsurpassed resolution and repeatability.   The Bluewave measures particles ranging in size from .01 to 2800 microns.   The Bluewave has the ability to measure either wet or dry samples, and can be upgraded with a host of sample delivery devices.

SI – The SI is a photo-optical image analysis system that works in conjunction with the Bluewave or S3500 laser diffraction particle size analyzer.  By combining laser diffraction with image analysis, end users are able to understand particle size distribution data as well as identify what physical parameters have an effect on the quality of the material being analyzed.  The SI can measure particles ranging in size from 1 to 1000 microns.

DIA – The DIA is a dynamic image analyzer that has the unique ability to view particles in 3D.  Able the measure 25 physical parameter, the DIA is a time saving alternate to sieve analysis with the added benefits of viewing particles in 3D.

Nanotrac Wave – The Nanotrac Wave is a dynamic light scattering system used to characterize nanoparticles.  Able to measure particles ranging in size from .8 to 6500 nanometers, the Nanotrac Wave also has the ability to measure Zeta Potential and Molecular Weight.

Can’t make it to IFT but would like more information on the instruments featured at the expo?

We invite you to take advantage of our offer to submit a sample for complimentary analysis by clicking here

Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago!

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