Particle Size, Particle Shape, and Zeta Potential Analyzers showcased at the 2014 Pittcon exhibition.

Particle Size, Particle Shape, and Zeta Potential Analyzers showcased at the 2014 Pittcon exhibition.

Industry preferred particle size, particle shape, and zeta potential analyzers will be showcased by Microtrac, the global pioneer of particle characterization solutions at the 2014 Pittcon Exhibition. The expo is being held at McCormick place, located in the Windy City (Chicago, IL) from March 3-6.

Pittcon is the preeminent exposition for the latest and greatest innovations in analytical lab instrumentation space, and will host attendees from all over the world.

Located at booth 3213, Microtrac will be showcasing the following particle analyzers.

Bluewave – The Bluewave is the first laser diffraction particle size analyzer to utilize blue lasers.  Because blue lasers have a shorter wavelength, users are able to measure particles down to 10 nanometers with unsurpassed accuracy and resolution.  Equipped with a Modified Mie Algorithm, users can confidently measure non-spherical particles, a task other mainstream particle analyzers struggle with.

Bluewave Si – Have you seen your agglomerates?  Now you can with the Bluewave Si.  Combining the Bluewave particle size analyzer, with a dynamic image analyzer, the Bluewave Si can provide simultaneous size and shape measurement capability for particles ranging in size from 5-1500 microns.

Nanotrac Wave – The Nanotrac Wave is a dynamic light scattering instrument that can measure particle size, zeta potential, and molecular weight of particles ranging in size from 0.8 to 6500 nanometers.  Powered by the patented Controlled Reference Method, users have the ability to measure particles below 20 nm with superior clarity, a task other mainstream DLS analyzers struggle with. The Nanotrac Wave has a built in Peltier temperature control device, which allows users to understand how temperature effects the material being measured. The Nanotrac Wave can also measure materials with a wide concentration range (0.01 to 40%), which alleviates potential dilution problems.

Nanotrac Wave Q – Nanotrac Wave technology adapted for a cuvette sample cell interface, the Nanotrac Wave Q is Microtrac’s newest analyzer.  The Nanotrac Wave Q is ideal for users who are looking for the ability to conduct fast nanoparticle measurements by quickly swapping out cuvettes filled with samples.  The Nanotrac Wave Q is also perfect for users who looking to keep their material  contamination free.

Nanotrac Flex – Nanotrac Wave technology adapted for fast and easy in-situ measurements made possible by an external probe.

PartAn – Formally the DIA – With the ability to measure particles in 3D, the PartAn is the only analyzer on the market with that functionality.  The PartAn can measure 25 morphological parameters and is an ideal alternative to tedious sieve analysis.  When compared to sieve results, the PartAn delivers a more representative sample report in less time and without user intervention.  The PartAn can measure particles ranging in size from 20 microns to 35 millimeters and is also available with online capability.

Can’t make it to Pittcon?  No problem, please click here to arrange to send your material for complimentary analysis.

Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago.

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