Which laser diffraction particle size analyzer is right for me? – Free Webinar

Which laser diffraction particle size analyzer is right for me? – Free Webinar

Since the 1970’s laser diffraction has been the “go to” technology to determine particle size distributions of dry powders and wet dispersions.  As with any mature product, there are a lot of “options” for a customer to choose from, which can often times be overwhelming.

Microtrac introduced the first commercially available laser diffraction analyzer in 1974, and for the last 40 years, continue to deliver pioneering solutions specifically for the material science community.  Over the years, Microtrac was the first to introduce the following laser diffraction innovations:

  • A pc controlled analyzer – 1983
  • Bent optics and modular design – 1985
  • Eliminated all moving parts with solid state detector system – 1987
  • Auto-alignment – 1991
  • Tri-laser design – 1993
  • Blue laser system – 2007
  • Integrated dynamic image analysis with diffraction – 2010

Having 40 plus years of customer feedback and expertise in making laser diffraction particle size measurements, many would agree that Microtrac can help a user correctly select which analyzer is best suited for their application.

Microtrac would like to invite you to a special webinar that will share our laser diffraction expertise and answer the age old question – which laser diffraction particle size analyzer is right for my application.  Presented by Dr. Phil Plantz, Microtrac’s Application Direction, this webinar will be held at 11am EST on October 9, 2014.  Ample time will be available for Q&A with Dr. Plantz after the presentation.

The following topics will be discussed in detail during the webinar by using an application focus:

  • Does my material require 1, 2, or 3 lasers for accurate PSD analysis?
  • What’s the difference between using red or blue lasers?
  • Specific software features.
  • Advantages of implementing sample delivery automation.

Here is what you missed on the 9th!

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