Material Enthusiast Invades Music City For TMS 2016

Material Enthusiast Invades Music City For TMS 2016

Every year, the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society “puts the band back together,” for a week filled of catching up with former colleagues and networking with new contacts. Instead of drums and guitars, the preferred instruments of this group include particle analyzers and other lab equipment.

Microtrac, the global pioneer of particle characterization solutions, loves attending this conference. The event gives us the opportunity to reconnect with existing customers, learn about new applications, and introduce our technology to a fresh group of material science professionals.

The 2016 version is being held at the Music City Center in downtown Nashville from February 14-18. Located at booth 128, Microtrac will be showcasing the following particle characterization instruments.


Nanoparticle sizing and zeta potentialMeet the Nanotrac Wave II, ideal for measuring suspended particles and colloids that range from 0.8 to 6500 nanometers. Whether your material is ppb or near finished product, the Wave II delivers sensitive and accurate particle size and zeta potential analysis capability. Stop by the booth to learn about our DLS enhancement, which provides the ability to precisely measure multimodal distributions.

Submicron to several millimetersMeet the S3500, perfect for measuring the size of wet or dry materials ranging from 20 nm to 2800 microns. The S3500 Laser Diffraction analyzer delivers accurate and repeatable measurements compliments of an advanced tri-laser design and proprietary algorithms. If you are looking to visually validate agglomerated particles, ask about our dynamic image analysis device, which can be integrated directly into the flow loop.

Size and Shape in 3DMeet the PartAn3D, a dynamic image analyzer that measures particles from 15 microns to 35 millimeters in all three dimensions. A 3D measurement provides the user with comprehensive size and morphology data, enabling a deeper understanding of how shape can impact the overall quality of a product. The PartAn3D can also be integrated directly into a process loop for real-time monitoring. Are your materials larger than 35 mm? Ask about the Partan3D’s big brother.

Can’t make it to Nashville? No problem, we have Microtrac technical specialists around the world ready to discuss your material characterization needs. Click to speak to us today.

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