Process Control Particle Analyzer Debuts At Phosphates 2016

Process Control Particle Analyzer Debuts At Phosphates 2016

Sort of…

All of our process control particle analyzers are custom built specifically for the production environment they are being installed in. Each system includes a mainframe particle size and shape analyzer and a tailored sample extraction system. Because of the custom nature of our solutions, it makes it very difficult for us to conduct live demos of the system at various industry conferences.

Until now…

Making its debut at Phosphates 2016, is our demo process control particle analyzer, the PartAn3D PRO. The PartAn3D PRO is ideal for measuring granular material from 15 microns to 35 millimeters and enables users to identify in real-time when their process begins to swing.

With fertilizer being one of our strongest applications, Phosphates 2016 is the perfect platform for debuting our demo system because the event brings together producers from all over the world to network and learn about the latest technological advances. This year’s conference is held at the Marriot Rive Gauche, in Paris, France from March 13 – 15.

What sets the PartAn3D PRO apart from other process control analyzers is the patented 3D measurement (length, width, and thickness), which delivers superior accuracy compared to one and two-dimensional measurements.

By utilizing a high-speed, high-resolution camera and proprietary software that tracks each particle from multiple orientations, the PartAn3D PRO measures 36 size and morphological parameters of your material, delivering unsurpassed analysis capability.

Rather than manually extracting a sample, transporting the material to a lab for analysis, and waiting hours or even days for the results, the PartAn3D PRO improves efficiency by automatically performing the grunt work and measurement. The real value of an online measurement enables users to identify variations in their process and take immediate corrective action. This proactive approach improves yields, decreases wasted material, and creates higher quality products, which can lead to significant financial gains for the organization.

If you are attending Phosphates 2016 and want to learn more about the value of online measurements, check out our presentation at the technical session on March 15 at 8:15am. You can also swing by our exhibit to discuss the ROI of an online system with one of our technical experts.

Can’t make it to Phosphates 2016? No problem, click here to speak to our knowledgeable staff.

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