Microtrac provides sample introduction flexibility with the release of the Nanotrac Wave II

Microtrac provides sample introduction flexibility with the release of the Nanotrac Wave II

Microtrac, the global pioneer of particle characterization solutions is thrilled to announce the release of the Nanotrac Wave II Dynamic Light Scattering analyzer. Ideal for colloids ranging in size from 0.3 nanometers to 10 microns, the Nanotrac Wave II delivers superior accuracy and sensitivity across a wide concentration wide.

Designed to meet the growing customer demand for sample introduction flexibility, the Nanotrac Wave II can be configured with one of the following: a removable Teflon or stainless steel sample cell, disposable plastic or glass cuvette, or an external probe for in-situ analysis. Sample volumes range from 50 µl microcuvettes to 3 ml cells making the Nanotrac Wave II one of the most versatile DLS analyzers on the market.

“When selecting a tool… you want the right one for the job,” says Paul Cloake, President of Microtrac. “We believe that the ‘one size fits all’ approach for sample introduction is wrong because each customer has unique processes and needs. Rather than forcing you to change your process for a tool, we provide an adaptable tool, which delivers a better customer experience, and most importantly, accurate results.”

Whether measuring at ppb or near finished product, the Nanotrac Wave II utilizes Microtrac’s proprietary Reference Beating, an enhanced optical signal that enables precise analysis capability of monodispersed and polydispersed samples. Applications that are routinely characterized with the analyzer include inks, pharmaceutical ingredients, proteins, and chemicals like silica (to name a few).

“Since the launch of our first DLS over 25 years ago, we have continually refined our technology and improved our particle sizing and zeta potential analysis capability with each release, said Dr. Paul Freud, Microtrac’s Senior Research Scientist. “That commitment to quality translates to better performance compared to other DLS systems on the market. As we gain new customers, our team never gets tired of hearing ‘I didn’t realize your DLS could provide me with data that accurate.”

Interested parties who are searching for a sensitive and precise DLS particle analyzer are encouraged to submit samples for a complimentary analysis. Click here to speak with a technical specialist today.

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