Free Webinar: Using Image Analysis to Replace Sieves

Measuring particle sphericity for the quality control of granular materials, is a tedious task that can involves sieving, eye tests and perhaps optical microscopy. Although these methods are widely used and accepted, they do present the operator with challenges, not to mention an inaccurate way to ensure optimal product quality.

If you’re still using sieve analysis for your particle analysis needs, you may be faced with frequent measurement errors such as failing to collect the complete set of particles from each sieve, mis-weighing, incorrect data entry or calculation errors with distribution percent values. Not to mention this method can be frustratingly slow and labor-intensive. Image analysis gets you past these hurdles with minimal effort.

Save your bottom line! Whether you are searching for basic image analysis, 3D image analysis, or on line image analysis capability, Microtrac has a particle image analyzer to fit your needs. This excellent alternative for your sieve analysis is fast, simple, robust and accurate.

Sieve Analysis Image Analysis
Time Consuming Ease of Use
Discrepancies Accurate
Labor Intensive Consistent
Reactive Proactive
Expensive Cost Savings

Speaker: Terry Stauffer
Terry Stauffer has over 40 years of particle characterization experience. He has worked for all the major players in the particle analysis industry at some point in his career. He will be answering all your image analysis questions at the end of the webinar!

This free webinar, Using Image Analysis to Replace Sieves aired on Feb 23, 2017 11:00 AM EST.

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