Free Webinar: 3D Image Analysis: Know Your Materials

Would you like to collect 3D particle size and shape data of your materials ranging in size from 35um to 35,000um? If you have a need to identify and quantify different particulate components in one sample, this webinar will show you how. This can be easily accomplished with patented 3D image analysis and use of the search query and filter/classification features in the software.

Find out what advantages there are with 3D image analysis technology and go over its important advantages over 2D technology.

Go in-depth with Microtrac’s powerful, patented 3D measurement software. The reporting is simple, powerful and flexible. Learn more in our webinar!

Speaker: Terry Stauffer
Terry Stauffer has over 40 years of particle characterization experience. He has worked for all the major players in the particle analysis industry at some point in his career. He will be answering all your image analysis questions at the end of the webinar!

This free webinar, 3D Image Analysis: Know Your Materials aired on Thursday, March 30, 2017

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