Webinar: Optimize Your Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing

Join Terry Stauffer, Particle Characterization Specialist at Microtrac, as he highlights how you can improve your laser melting additive manufacturing process.

Laser melting requires highly spherical particles and a minimum number of contaminants to ensure even layering with no point defects in the final part. Find out what you can learn by measuring metal powder size with laser diffraction. We’ll also go over how to analyze particle shapes of atomized powder particles with image analysis, so you can meet high quality specifications.

This webinar will focus on laser melting and metal powder applications, but if you are concerned with characterizing non-spherical particles then you will benefit from attending as well! The following topics will be addressed:

  • Manufacturing processes of metal powders and powdered parts
  • Metal powder properties
  • Identifying contaminants in metal powders
  • Detecting contaminant particles via morphology analysis
  • Benefits to measuring particle circularity, aspect ratio, sphericity, and additional parameters.
  • Particle characterization solutions
  • Data analysis and process control

This free webinar, Optimize Your Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing aired on Thursday, April 20, 2017

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