Free Nanoemulsion Workshop: Creating Next Generation Cannabis Products

Special Guest Speakers: Dr. Zhijun Liu & Dr. Tracy Gibbs

Who Should Attend?

Lab Managers, Production Managers, Formulators, Extractors, R&D Staff and anyone concerned about improving formulations and bioavailability, creating new products, use of organic pesticides, and post processing!


To gain insight into the creation of nanoemulsions in complicated systems with difficult materials. Technical presentation addressing issues such as:

  • Solubility Enhancements
  • Advantages of high shear fluid processing instruments
  • The benefits of smaller droplets for cannabis products
  • Methods for particle size analysis
  • Bioavailability Assessment
  • Spray drying of formulations – Oil in Water Soluble Products
  • Organic Pesticides for Medicinal Plant Production

A Microfluidics M110-P, Microtrac NanoFlex and BUCHI Spray Dryer will be available after the seminar for those wishing to see the latest approach to nanoemulsion creation and particle size analysis.


Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Meet & Greet Time: 11:30 AM
Working Lunch Will be Provided
Duration: Approximately 3 hours


Embassy Suites Hotel – Denver/Stapleton
4444 N. Havana Street
Denver, CO 80239
PH: 303-375-0400


Dr. Zhijun Liu Ph.D.; Professor, Louisiana State University: Dr. Liu has been leading a unique medicinal plant program of 20 years. He has expertise in extraction, purification, and standardization of bioactive components. Recently, Dr. Liu has developed formulation technologies to disperse poorly water-soluble compounds such as pyrethrum oil into the nanoscale range. He was a keynote speaker on this subject at an Improving Solubility conference aiming to improve bioavailability during formulation development. He uses botanical food ingredients as solubilizers, penetrators, or absorption enhancers thus creates superior formulations that are safe and compatible to many applications including medicinal drinks for human health or organic pesticides for managing field and greenhouse plants. For examples, he can turn oily extracts into water-soluble powder, encapsulate active ingredients to extend half-life, and mix lipophilic and hydrophilic ingredients in water.
Dr. Tracy Gibb, Ph.D.; Industry Consultant: Tracy is the formulator of over 900 dietary supplements and skin care products, paten holder of the AES (Assimilation Enhancing System), author of multiple books, and has taught and lectured at worldwide symposiums and conferences.
Gabi Carroll, Microfluidics, Regional Sales Manager: Gabriele Carroll has a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Technology. She worked in the Research and Development department at Kraft Foods in Munich for 10 years before moving to the United States. She has been working at Microfluidics for 23 years in both the applications lab and sales management.
Debra Repko, BUCHI Corporation: Debra is the Application and Technical Support Manager at BUCHI Corporation with a strong background in Spray Drying.
Tim Jochum, RGS Scientific, Product Engineer: Tim Jochum is Product Engineer with RGS Scientific as has provided worked with many cannabis applications with respect to Microfluidics high-shear processing and Microtrac’s array of particle size analysis technologies.


12:00 pm – Zhijun Liu, Ph.D.
Solubility Enhancement, Bioavailability Improvement and Assessment, Oil in Water-Soluble Powders, and Organic Pesticides for Medicinal Plant Production

12:40 pm – Tracy Gibbs, Ph.D.
Current Technology for Delivery Systems

1:20 pm – Gabi Carroll
Current Technology for Nanoemulsion/Liposome Creation

2:40 pm – Debra Repko
Overview of lab scale spray drying

3:00 pm – Tim Jochum
Size Analysis of Cannabis Products

3:20 pm – Demonstrations
We will create a nanoemulsion from a CBD oil, then spray dry it to create a powder, and then dissolve the powder to disperse the nanoemulsion


Professor Liu will discuss various aspects of his research and will cover areas that would be related to improvement and testing of cannabis products. He will describe enhancements of solubility and will describe how nanoemulsions enhance bioavailability. He will then show how his group has assessed bioavailability by various methods of testing. Dr. Liu will describe past work in converting oil in water to soluble powders. Finally, he will describe use of organic pesticides for medicinal plant production in greenhouses.

Tracy Gibbs; Nutraceutical Consultant: Tracy will address formulations and the advantages of creating nanoemulsions and liposomes.  He will provide an overview about how nutraceutical ingredients and cannabis formulations might be combined.

Gabi will discuss Microfluidics’ High Shear Processors as a tool for creating nanoemulsions, encapsulations, and nano-sized dispersions for the Cannabis Industry, applications from bench-top to production scale. An emulsion will be created using a Microfluidizer, M-110P.

Debra will describe the technology of spay drying, and share the processing parameters involved to optimize spray drying formulations for the Cannabis market. She will demonstrate a sample being run the B-290 Mini Spray Dryer.

Tim will describe various methods of particle size analysis and discuss how these techniques are vital to optimize the creation of nano-sized dispersions as well as spray dry products for the cannabis industry. He will perform particle size analysis on the samples processed by Yang using the Microfluidizer system and will show the particle size distributions before and after processing.

Following the presentations, we will demonstrate the M110-P, Buchi spray dryer and Microtrac particle size analyzers. A CBD oil will be processed with the M110-P to create a nanoemulsion. Then, the nanoemulsion will be processed within the spray dryer to create a powder now loaded with the nanoemulsion. Finally, the powder will be dissolved within a water solution and the particle size of the dispersed emulsified CBD oil will be. Particle size analysis of the powder and we can answer any questions that current users might have about their systems or projects. The workshop and demonstration will conclude around 4:00 PM.

Reservations can be made by emailing [email protected] with reference to “Nanoemulsion Seminar” in the subject line of your e-mail and indicate how many will be attending. Feel free to distribute this notification as needed.
For additional information please contact Tim Jochum at 303-944-7490 or Steve Rapp at 214-769-8498.

Seating is limited, so please register as early as possible.

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