Webinar: 3D Dynamic Image Analysis Compared to Other Methods to Identify Crystal Shape

PartAn 3D Instrument used for image analysis

In this webinar we will present data from research conducted at University of Hohenheim on crystal samples of Sodium Chloride, Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) and Sugar. These crystals all exhibit particle shapes which diverge from spherical shape by different degrees. These different particle shapes, as well as sizes, can be measured and quantified on the same instrument – a dynamic image analyzer. Those measurements were compared with measurements made on other instruments – a stand-alone laser diffraction analyzer, a simple scanner reporting size and shape, and a manual microscope and SEM. We’ll show how the image analyzer provides data that agree closely with sizes and shapes measured on the other three instruments, in all three orthogonal dimensions and on a much larger and representative sample of particles. Particle shape is becoming an ever more used measurement technology in characterizing particulate samples, because size alone is recognized to often not provide distinguishing differences among samples.

Join us in learning more about Image Analysis and how it has become the most common technology for measuring particle morphology. Special guest, Patrick Wilms from the University of Hohenheim will talk about his experience using Microtrac’s PartAn 3D and the advantages of imaging technology.

This webinar aired on Thu, Jun 20, 2019 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT.


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