Microtrac Officially Becomes Part of Verder

Andries Verder visits Microtrac's York facility

Last month the VERDER Group entered into an agreement to acquire Microtrac and MicrotracBEL from Nikkiso, a Japanese based company focused on technologies in highly specialized fields ranging from specialty pumps to carbon fiber-reinforced plastic components. On July 1st, 2019, the transfer to Verder was complete and Microtrac officially became part of the Verder family.

On July 10th, Microtrac’s York facility welcomed Andries Verder to help with the changing of the guard. A new, temporary sign was installed while our sign makers work on a more permanent solution. Microtrac’s York facility is a freshly renovated, 34,000 square foot Operations Center. The Operations Center is the home to manufacturing, customer support, training, and particle analysis laboratory services.

Microtrac will continue to operate at their headquarters in the Pennsylvania, USA with the existing management team remaining in place. Our outstanding portfolio, including our newest addition the Sync, will continue to be provided, enhanced and supported. Moreover, with the acquisition by Verder Scientific, we’ll have a wide variety of new technologies and expertise available to our customers.

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