Webinar | Quality Control of Road Aggregates Using 3D Image Analysis

Crushed stone aggregate is used as loose bed foundation for highway bed foundation, airport runways and railways. These aggregates need to meet certain size and morphology specifications based on their application. To ensure the product is compliant, quality departments sometime use primitive tools such as sieves and calipers to verify the size and shape of the material. These methods are outdated, labor intensive, and error prone.

The following problems associated with using sieves and calipers to measure size and morphology of large quantities of materials:

  • Time consuming
  • Error prone
  • Small, unrepresentative sampling

There is a faster, more accurate method to measure the size distribution and morphology parameters of aggregates.

Join us to learn more about 3D Dynamic Image Analysis and the Microtrac PartAn3D. Our optical technology uses high-speed, high-resolution cameras to take multiple pictures of each particle’s orientation (length, width, and thickness) as it falls through a sensing zone. Learn more about the preferred sizes and shapes (morphologies) used in the aggregates industry.


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