Webinar | Quality Control of LI Batteries By Measuring Size and Shape

Lithium-ion batteries are used for a number of consumer products, from cell phones to electric cars. While capacity might be the focus of one industry, others may consider power more important. In order to properly develop the materials for LI batteries, companies need to understand which parameters are most important to their specific application. In this on-demand webinar we'll give an overview of Li-ion batteries and different applications, and the different analytical techniques used in the characterization of battery materials. Speakers: Terry Stauffer Particle Characterization Specialist James Pastore Customer Application Specialist & Batteries Expert Questions? Contact Us! ... Read More

Webinar | Quality Control of Road Aggregates Using 3D Image Analysis

Crushed stone aggregate is used as loose bed foundation for highway bed foundation, airport runways and railways. These aggregates need to meet certain size and morphology specifications based on their application. To ensure the product is compliant, quality departments sometime use primitive tools such as sieves and calipers to verify the size and shape of the material. These methods are outdated, labor intensive, and error prone. The following problems associated with using sieves and calipers to measure size and morphology of large quantities of materials: Time consuming Error prone Small, unrepresentative sampling There is a faster, more accurate method to ... Read More

Microtrac Officially Becomes Part of Verder

Last month the VERDER Group entered into an agreement to acquire Microtrac and MicrotracBEL from Nikkiso, a Japanese based company focused on technologies in highly specialized fields ranging from specialty pumps to carbon fiber-reinforced plastic components. On July 1st, 2019, the transfer to Verder was complete and Microtrac officially became part of the Verder family. On July 10th, Microtrac's York facility welcomed Andries Verder to help with the changing of the guard. A new, temporary sign was installed while our sign makers work on a more permanent solution. Microtrac's York facility is a freshly renovated, 34,000 square foot Operations Center. ... Read More

Webinar: 3D Dynamic Image Analysis Compared to Other Methods to Identify Crystal Shape

In this webinar we will present data from research conducted at University of Hohenheim on crystal samples of Sodium Chloride, Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) and Sugar. These crystals all exhibit particle shapes which diverge from spherical shape by different degrees. These different particle shapes, as well as sizes, can be measured and quantified on the same instrument – a dynamic image analyzer. Those measurements were compared with measurements made on other instruments – a stand-alone laser diffraction analyzer, a simple scanner reporting size and shape, and a manual microscope and SEM. We’ll show how the image analyzer provides data that ... Read More

Microtrac and MicrotracBEL to become part of VERDER Scientific

Haan, June 3rd, 2019 - Today the VERDER Group entered into an agreement to acquire the American Microtrac, Inc. and the Japanese MicrotracBEL Corporation from Nikkiso Co. Ltd. Verder's Scientific Division is herewith extending its product portfolio with product lines for particle characterization by laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering and surface analysis. Microtrac is a leading manufacturer and pioneer of instruments for particle analysis using laser diffraction and dynamic light scattering technologies. The instruments are used both for industrial applications and material research. Microtrac has two facilities in the USA located in Montgomeryville, PA and York, PA where Microtrac develops ... Read More

Webinar: Hybrid Technology For Complete Metal Powder Morphological Characterization

Microtrac’s Sync uses an innovative hybrid method of particle size and shape measurement that combines laser diffraction and image analysis. Metal Powders require high flowability and packing density for even, fast loading and high strength in final parts. Key parameters to spec are Sphericity, Smoothness, and Size Distribution. These properties are important for outgoing QC for Metal Powder manufacturers and incoming QC for Powder Metalllurgy parts manufacturers. This presentation describes the QC requirements and a combination analytical instrument which measures them. Join us for this webinar as we cover: How Microtrac integrated laser diffraction and dynamic image analysis technology in ... Read More

Microfluidics & Microtrac Technology To Produce Water Soluble CBD and THC Nanoemulsions

We will be providing an overview of nanoemulsions, formulating specifically with CBD and THC and processing nanoemulsions with the Microfluidizer processor. Tim will go into details about particle size analysis with Microtrac and then discussing the results of the CBD and THC nanoemulsions he has created with the M110P Microfluidizer Processor. Speaker, Tim Jochum Tim Jochum has a B.Sc. in Chemistry from Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, and a M.Sc. in Material Science from the Colorado School of Mines. Prior to going back to school for his Masters degree, he worked at the research laboratory for DuPont Electronic Polymers in Ingleside, Texas. ... Read More

Free Nanoemulsion Workshop: Creating Next Generation Cannabis Products

Special Guest Speakers: Dr. Zhijun Liu & Dr. Tracy Gibbs Who Should Attend? Lab Managers, Production Managers, Formulators, Extractors, R&D Staff and anyone concerned about improving formulations and bioavailability, creating new products, use of organic pesticides, and post processing! Why? To gain insight into the creation of nanoemulsions in complicated systems with difficult materials. Technical presentation addressing issues such as: Solubility Enhancements Advantages of high shear fluid processing instruments The benefits of smaller droplets for cannabis products Methods for particle size analysis Bioavailability Assessment Spray drying of formulations – Oil in Water Soluble Products Organic Pesticides for Medicinal Plant Production ... Read More

Webinar: Microtrac Sync: Hybrid Laser Diffraction and Dynamic Image Particle Analyzer

Join us for our new webinar on the Microtrac Sync. Our latest instrument integrates the world’s leading laser diffraction technology with the world’s leading dynamic image analysis technology – Same bench, same sample, same run, same flow cell, same user interface. Users can now get their tried and true particle size distribution together with particle morphology in a single, easy to use graphical user interface. Using our patented methodology, the Sync interrogates particles, wet or dry, with laser light while simultaneously a high-speed digital camera takes images. The data collected is processed by our FLEX software and presents the user ... Read More

2019 Trade Shows – Come See Us!

Come say hi and see our latest product offerings! 43rd International Conference and Exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC 2019) - Daytona Beach, FL - 1/27/2019 Premier Mining and Metallurgy Conference - Denver, CO - 2/24/2019 - Booth #2135 The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society - Tampa, FL - 3/13/2019 - Booth #416 Pittcon - Philadelphia, PA - 3/17/2019 - Booth #3939 Phosphates 2019 - Orlando, FL - 3/25/2019 Specialty Coffee Expo - Boston, MA - 4/11/2019 - Booth #292 Ceramics Expo - Cleveland, OH - 4/30/2019 - Booth #831 Rapid/TCT Accelerating 3D Manufacturing - Detroit, MI - 5/20/2019 ... Read More

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