ISO 9001:2008

The Quality Management System at Microtrac Inc. is certified annually by Quality Systems Registrars, Inc. to be compliant to the ISO 9001:2008 for the design, manufacture, and servicing of particle analyzer systems. There are no exclusions made and the certification includes both our design and manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania.

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Quality Policy

At Microtrac Inc., our policy is to analyze particle characterization opportunities and deliver timely, defect-free and competitive solutions that repeatedly exceed our customers’ expectations. Quality is the shared responsibility of employees, contractors and suppliers. Through continuous improvement and conformance to the ISO 9001-2008 standard, our goal is for the Microtrac name to be recognized as an industry leader around the globe.

Paul Cloake
Microtrac Inc.

Product Compliance

Being a founder of technology advancements has lead Microtrac to be an active participant in the development of industry standards for particle characterization instrumentation over the past 4 decades. Microtrac products comply with many ISO standards, most notably:

  • ISO 13320 Particle Size Analysis – Light Diffraction Methods
  • ISO 22412 Particle Size Analysis – Dynamic Light Scattering Methods
  • ISO 13322 Particle Size Analysis – Dynamic Imaging Methods

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