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Feedback zu Instrumenten — über den Wechsel von Sieben zu Microtrac-Instrumenten:

“I purchased a Micotrac and attended the operational training sessions some years ago (thank you Dr. Plantz) and I have not looked to sieves in particle measure since.”

Philip Scalise, Systemverwaltung Qualitätssicherung & Entwicklung

“Microtrac dynamic light scattering systems have been essential to my research for close to ten years. With the excellent capabilities of the Nanotrac ULTRA, and the support from Microtrac, my research group has measured particle size distributions for a variety of nanopowders, but also measured reverse micelle sizes, recently resulting in a noteworthy model of the behavior of reverse micelles with electrolyte additions.”

— Dr. Olivia Graeve, Professor an der University of California, San Diego

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“I recently became the Quality Control Manager at Lineage Alloys, a Fisher-Barton Group company. Since I am new to the industry, I am always researching how to do my job more efficiently while understanding the science behind particle distribution and how I can use my laboratory instruments to their full potential. By reading blogs and articles on the Microtrac website, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the particle science industry.

I use the Microtrac X100 multiple times throughout my day. Given that Lineage Alloys supplies high quality thermal spray powders to the aircraft (Pratt & Whitney / GE / Boeing), petrochemical, energy, agricultural, and general overhaul and repair sections of industry, it is crucial that particle sizes meet accurate specifications. The X100 has delivered repeatable and reliable data that satisfies the demands of our customers. Generally I interact with a Microtrac technician once a year for an annual calibration, which is required to keep our ISO 9001:2008 certificate up to date.

The engineers and service technicians are very knowledgeable. What I admire most about them is their ability to easily describe how to fix my problems over the phone or by email.

It is a privilege to be the recipient of an Apple iPad Mini for Microtrac’s first ever Register Your Microtrac promo. Thank you Microtrac for assisting us in continuing to be a world class supplier and manufacturer of thermal spray powders.”

— Jessica Bryant, Manager Qualitätskontrolle, Lineage Alloys

“Microtrac has excellent response in both sales, service, and training. The equipment purchased was exactly what was needed and the customer service met all technical and practical needs. Highly recommended.”

— Leitender Ingenieur bei einem großen Energieunternehmen*

“Microtrac offers a wide variety of solutions to meet my company’s measurement needs.”

— Forschungsleiter bei einem großen Unternehmen für Glas und Keramik*

Anonymes Feedback zum Anwenderkurs von Microtrac:

“Learned so much. You guys really know what you’re talking about. Thank you.”

“Can use the information immediately when I return to my job.”

“I really understand now what laser particle size is about and how Microtrac can help me in my job.”

“Everyone was very helpful and willing to answer my questions. Lab people very patient with all my questions.”

“There was plenty of time for individual discussion with anyone I needed to talk to.”

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