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Microtrac Compliance with ISO 13320 Particle Size Analysis – Laser Diffraction Methods.

Self Paced Tutorial for Microtrac FLEX-Software

Microtrac Test Method Development and Validation

Microtrac Sample Prep Guide

Microtrac Compliance Matrix for 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Records

Notes Use of Surfactant in Microtrac Particle Size Instruments

Standard Selection Guide for Microtrac Instruments

Loading Screen Importance and Reference Material Concentrations

Correlation Among Particle Size Methods

Explanation of Data Reported by Microtrac Instruments

Explanation of particle counter data — The following is a list of terminology, abbreviations, and calculations shown on reports…

Understanding the impact of microscopic observations compared to mass/volume distribution relationships — This paper describes an experiment in which Microtrac data and competitive light scattering data were evaluated and compared to optical microscopy and the issues that arise…

Understanding Laser Diodes Used in Particle Size Instruments — This note addresses questions that often arise when types of lasers are considered by customers and lay particle size personnel…

Recalculation of Microtrac Data to Emulate Sieve Data (and other methods) — There are multiple methods that can be used to provide particle size distributions. These include dynamic light scattering, which includes the well-known Microtrac method of frequency spectrum analysis. 

Particle Size Analyzer Sample Cell Cleaning Tutorial

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