Metal Powders Processing and Manufacturing

Metal Powders Processes The industries of Metal Powders manufacturing and Powder Metallurgy parts manufacturing came into modern day prominence about 70 years ago. Since then, several types of both metal powder and powdered parts manufacturing processes have been developed and are still practiced. The major processes used are described below. direct reduction (sponge iron), gas atomisation, liquid atomisation and centrifugal atomisation are all processes in use today. Click here for the app note Direct Reduction Purified iron oxide ore, combined with a carbon source like coke, is heated to high temperatures usually in a rotary kiln. The product is sponge ... Read More

Webinar: Metal Powders Quality & Process Control Based On Powder Morphology

Morphological properties, which include size and shape, are important quality control specification parameters for metal powders – both for outgoing QC for metal powder manufacturers and incoming QC for powder metallurgy parts manufacturers. This presentation describes the QC requirements and analytical instruments which measure them. Join us for this webinar as we cover: Metal powders processes Metal powder parts manufacturing methods Importance of powder morphology Quality control for metal powders This free webinar, Metal Powders Quality & Process Control Based On Powder Morphology, airs on Thursday, 19 October 2017, 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM (CET). If you're unable to attend, ... Read More

Free tickets for POWTECH 2017

Microtrac at POWTECH in 2017 Microtrac will be an exhibitor at this year's POWTECH, the leading trade fair for processing, analysis and handling of powder and bulk solids in Nuremberg, Germany. From Tuesday, September 26th until Thursday, September 28th we will exhibit our instrumentation for Dynamic Image Analysis, Laser Diffraction as well as Dynamic Light Scattering and demonstrate all advantages of our high-grade solutions in particle characterisation. Our line-up for POWTECH 2017 as follows: Combination of our patented Tri-Laser system and Dynamic Image Analysis: Bluewave & PartAn SI Improved DLS for size & zeta: Nanotrac Wave II & Nanotrac Flex ... Read More

Webinar: Advantages of the Frequency Power Spectrum Method

Please join us for a free webinar on June 22 at 17:00 CEST! If you're using dynamic light scattering (DLS) for the measurement of your nano-particles, you may be familiar with the photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS) method. Although PCS is a widely used DLS method of measurement, there is a superior method. Microtrac's proprietary approach to DLS, the frequency power spectrum method (FPS), overcomes the limitations of PCS. Heterodyne FPS gathers data in higher resolution than PCS. Having the detector set to 180° allows to measure in higher concentrations, and to even go on-line. The Microtrac FPS method effectively allows ... Read More

Free tickets for the European Coatings Show 2017

Microtrac at the European Coatings Show 2017 Microtrac will once again attend the European Coatings Show, ECS in short, in Nuremberg. From April 4 to April 6 we will exhibit our top tier products in Laser Diffraction, Dynamic Light Scattering and Dynamic Image Analysis, as well as demonstrate their advantages to you: Patented Tri-Laser system: S3500 + Bluewave, in combination with Dynamic Image Analysis: PartAn SI Enhanced DLS size & zeta: Nanotrac Wave II and Nanotrac Flex Welcome to the 3rd dimension: PartAn 3D Ideal for powders: DustMon L You don't have any tickets for the ECS 2017? We offer ... Read More

Discounted tickets for IMI Europe Inkjet Engineering Conference in Lausanne 14.03.2017

Working with pigments? Join the IMI Europe Inkjet Engineering Conference in Lausanne! The IMI Europe Inkjet Engineering Conference is a new one-day technical conference devoted to components and techniques for digital printing system development and production. The event is aimed at inkjet system developers across applications including packaging, textiles, graphics, industrial and functional printing. The team of Microtrac GmbH looks forward to your visit at the IMI Inkjet Development Engineering in Lausanne, Mar 14, 2017 Aquatis Hotel. We will exhibit instruments from our portfolio, including on-line / in-situ Dynamic Light Scattering and combined laser diffraction with dynamic imaging for detection ... Read More

Microtrac provides sample introduction flexibility with the release of the Nanotrac Wave II

Microtrac provides sample introduction flexibility with the release of the Nanotrac Wave II Microtrac, the global pioneer of particle characterization solutions is thrilled to announce the release of the Nanotrac Wave II Dynamic Light Scattering analyzer. Ideal for colloids ranging in size from 0.3 nanometers to 10 micrometers, the Nanotrac Wave II delivers superior accuracy and sensitivity across a wide concentration wide. Designed to meet the growing customer demand for sample introduction flexibility, the Nanotrac Wave II can be configured with one of the following: a removable Teflon or stainless steel sample cell, disposable plastic or glass cuvette, or an ... Read More

3rd Annual InkJet Conference 2016

Characterisation of pigments? Join the 3rd Annual Inkjet Conference 2016 in Dusseldorf! TheIJC brings together industry and academic leaders in their fields who speak about the latest advances and future developments driving digital print. It includes a focus on inkjet engineering, a review on fluid and ink components such as nano particles, conductive, aqueous and UV inks and an academic track open to all universities and non-commercial research institutes to present their work. The team of Microtrac GmbH looks forward to your visit at the Inkjet Conference in Dusseldorf, Swissotel Neuss, 5 - 6 October 2016. We will exhibit instruments ... Read More

2016 Filtech Cologne

Visit us at FILTECH in Cologne! FILTECH is the largest and most important filtration event world-wide. This Exhibition and Conference  is a must for all those concerned with designing, improving, purchasing, selling or researching filtration and separation equipment and services. FILTECH is the international platform and solution provider for all industries covering every market segment. The team of Microtrac GmbH looks forward to your visit at our booth in hall 11.1 booth U15 from 11th to 13th October 2016. We will exhibit instruments from our portfolio, including optical measurement systems for granulate shape/size and innovative laser measurement systems for nano-/microparticle ... Read More

2016 Ceramics conferences

Meet us at two upcoming conferences for ceramics: 2nd International Conference and Expo on Ceramics and Composite Materials July 25-26, 2016 Berlin, Germany 6th International Congress on Ceramics, August 21–25, 2016 in Dresden, Germany See the benefits of integrated laser diffraction and image analysis with the Bluewave-SI, how to see if you can trust your data, how to detect small number of overgrains and contaminants, and how to measure nanoparticles for ceramics with the Nano-flex within seconds, in the lab and in the process. ... Read More

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