PartAn 3-D Maxi Large particle size and shape analyser

The PartAn3D Maxi measures the size and shape of large particles with the added benefit of 3-D analysis.

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The PartAn3D Maxi is a large particle size and shape analyser that can measure particles ranging in size from 0.28 to 127 millimeter.

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Check out the webinar below which details our proprietary 3D particle size and shape capability.

Microtrac PartAn3D Maxi Applications:

Microtrac PartAn3D Maxi Features:

  • Characterises 32 morphological parameters of your material including 3D
  • Non-contact measurement of dry particles ranging in size from 0.28 to 127 millimeter
  • Customisable sample introduction
  • Analyses 200 images per second with high-speed, high-resolution camera
  • Enclosed optical system which reduces downtime for maintenance

Microtrac PartAn3D Maxi Benefits:

  • By having the ability to measure 32 parameters including 15 size, 13 shape/form, 3 surface roughness, density, transparency, and 3D in one analysis, the PartAn3D Maxi provides a user with superior analysis capability that enables quick and confident decision making regarding product quality.
  • Industry leading size range provides the user with greater analysis flexibility to measure a variety of materials.
  • The high-speed, high-resolution camera ensures multiple, vivid pictures of your material are collected which result in accurate analysis.
  • Engineered to be able to handle the toughest environments, the PartAn3D Maxi is adaptable for any lab setting.
  • The self-cleaning mechanism allows a user to spend less time cleaning the instrument, and more time being productive.

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