Webinars – Laser Diffraction

Learn more about Microtrac’s laser diffraction technology with our webinar recordings

Optimise Your Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing
from Microtrac
Find out what you can learn by measuring metal powder size with laser diffraction.

Accurate Particle Size Measurements of Hard to Disperse Powders
from Microtrac
Should I measure dry or use a liquid dispersion? This webinar will provide guidance on how to achieve accurate particle size measurements for dry powders using laser diffraction.

Laser Particle Size Distribution Measurement Sample Prep Tips
from Microtrac
Some say preparing a sample for a particle size distribution measured by a Laser Diffraction instrument is an art form. We agree, it’s a delicate task that can have a negative or positive effect on the outcome of your analysis. Check out this short presentation to learn the best tips and tricks for optimal laser PSD measurement sample prep.

How to Select the Right Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyser
from Microtrac
See which laser diffraction particle size analyser is right for your application.

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