PartAn SI

Photo-optical dynamic image analysis instrument for comprehensive shape and size characterisation of wet suspensions and slurries

Microtrac SI Attached to SDC

Based on our experience in imaging technology since 1986, we’ve developed the SI to characterise particle size and shape in various suspensions and emulsions. The SI can be operated as a stand-alone unit with one of our dispersion devices SDC or USVR.

Microtrac S3500 Particle Analyser with SI Imaging

Its design also allows to operate it in conjunction with the S3500 or Bluewave laser diffraction analysers. The SI can be added right away when the diffraction system is installed, or at a later time as an upgrade.

The SI particle analyser is a compact measuring instrument that measures particle size distribution and the particle shape at the same time. The SI delivers superior quality results, higher production profitability and a fast return on investment.

Software & Evaluation:

All particles in the measuring field are measured. The measured distribution data is stored and can be displayed or printed (graph or table) during the measurement.

Data of measuring protocol compliant to ISO 9276-60 and 13322-2:

  • free programmable grain with min/max values per class
  • percentage per class
  • number of measured particles per class
  • deviation of roundness (NSP*) per class in %
  • deviation of total roundness (NSP*) in %
  • roundness (NSP*) per class in %
  • total roundness (NSP*) in %
  • the length / thickness aspect ratio per class
  • the length / thickness aspect ratio total
  • duration of measurement
  • date and time of the measurement
    (*= non-spherical particles)

Microtrac SI Features:

  • Ability to measure 24 size and shape parameters
  • Measurement range of 2 to 2000 microns
  • High speed, high resolution analysis
  • High and low concentrations
  • Temperature range 10°C to 40°C
  • 2456 x 2058 5 megapixel camera

Microtrac SI Benefits:

  • By utilising dynamic imaging, size, and shape analysis, users can quickly characterise complicated wet samples in shorter amounts of time verses other methods of measurement
  • 62 images per second allows users to capture a complete picture of the sample being measured.
  • Full frame camera ensures clear images and both high and low concentrations
  • Utilising stroboscopic LED lights provides superior image clarity

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