FlowSync Wet Delivery System

Advanced design for dispersion of wet materials to the Microtrac Sync, size and shape particle analyzer.

Microtrac FlowSync disperses wet samples to the Sync

The FlowSync’s automated filling, de–aerating, pre-circulating and circulating operation means each sample is handled with a consistency that improves the repeatability of particle size distribution and shape data. The FlowSync works in conjunction with the Microtrac Sync system and can easily be switched out for the TurboSync.

FlowSync Features

  • Dispersion vessel constructed of surgical-grade stainless steel
  • Compatible with organic or inorganic samples
  • Integrated ultrasonic probe for sample dispersion
  • Vessel features natural turbulence to ensure sample is dispersed at all times
  • Self-cleaning mechanism

FlowSync Benefits

  • An in-line ultrasonic probe with variable power disperses agglomerated materials to ensure consistent sample dispersion during measurements
  • Users can program, save and recall unlimited SOP routines for fill, disperse, measure, rinse and run commands
  • A separate fill pump allows the user to connect to any water or solvent source. The recirculator fills, de-aerates, autodilutes and pre-circulates automatically
  • Turbulence ensures sample is consistently dispersed, without external stirrer
  • The FlowSync’s fluid dynamics feature a built-in turbulence to ensure that all particles are moving constantly within the flow, negating the need for an external stirrer
  • The wash feature in the sample vessel ensures the walls of the vessel are thoroughly cleaned during the “rinse” cycle. This eliminates “carry-over” of material during repeated measurements
  • The FlowSync features a one-step smart disconnect / connect mechanism: Changing from wet to dry analysis mode requires no complicated wiring or tubing reconnection. Simply disengage one sample module and engage the other

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