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Microtrac offers image analysis, 3D image analysis, and on-line image analysis capability.

The characterization of particulate systems, once dominated strictly by size analysis, is evolving. Particle morphology, as measured by dynamic image analysis (DIA), provides detailed information regarding the physical properties of materials. The key properties of particulate systems and the products manufactured from them can change with no significant difference in the LD size distribution reported. Image analysis can rapidly identify problems and significantly reduce troubleshooting time.

Particles in a flowing stream, backlit by a high speed strobe light, are photographed by a high resolution digital camera to create a video file of images for the flowing particles. The pixel size of the camera and the number of pixels in the image are used to measure a large number of particle size and shape parameters, along with a measure of transparency.

Microtrac’s DIA measurement principle involves sample that is introduced through a nozzle for dry dispersion and analysis or suspended in a circulating fluid for wet analysis. As particles enter the sensing zone, the high speed camera will take photos and transfer the information to a PC. Microtrac’s sophisticated software delivers over 30 size and shape parameters to the user.

Some of the parameters of importance to customers include length, width, aspect ratios (W/L), sphericity, transparency, solidity, and surface roughness, among many others.

Although the measurement technology of DIA is straightforward, the data analysis used to identify and solve problems is extremely powerful.

Microtrac’s image analysis portfolio of lab based instruments includes:

SI —  High-speed camera module to add shape analysis of wet suspensions and slurries that works with S3500 and Bluewave Laser Diffraction systems.

PartAn3D —  3D particle size and shape analysis of dry powders and granulates ranging in size from 15 microns to 35 millimeters.

PartAn Mini — Image analysis system that utilizes compressed air to disperse fine, dry, cohesive materials – measures particles ranging in size from 4 to 4500 microns.

PartAn3D Maxi – 3D particle size and shape analysis of large particles that range in size from 0.28 to 127 millimeters.

Dustmon — Dust measurement instrument using light obscuration.

On-line image analysis portfolio includes:

PartAn3D PRO  – Can be integrated into any process loop and can measure particle size and morphology of dry particles ranging in size from 15 microns to 35 millimeters.

PartAn3D Maxi PRO – ideal for large dry particles, the PartAn 3-D Maxi PRO can be integrated into any process loop and can measure particle size and shape ranging in size from 0.28 to 127 millimeters.

PartAn SI PRO – ideal for wet dispersion analysis, the PartAn SI PRO can measure particles ranging in size from 5 to 1500 microns and can be integrated into any process loop.

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Online Dynamic Image Analysis gives quality control departments the ability to see process variations in real time, and enables the operator to troubleshoot immediately.

This instant feedback system leads to improved product quality and increased production capacity. Check out this short presentation to learn about the advantages of online dynamic image analysis.

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