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A global leader in laser diffraction instrumentation for over 40 years

By continuously improving the instrument technology, Microtrac offers customers a robust portfolio of laser diffraction instruments that’s ideal for particle sizing and characterization.

Particle size measurement by laser diffraction (LD) technology has become the most used technique research and industry wide, among both suppliers and users of particulate systems. It’s become a de facto standard for outgoing and incoming size quality control, reporting the equivalent spherical diameter (ESD) in volume % over a typical range of 10 nanometers to 2-3 millimeters.

In a laser diffraction measurement, a laser beam is passed through a well-dispersed particle sample and particle size is measured by detecting the intensity of the scattered light produced. In Microtrac’s technology, this scattered light is measured at various angles up to 163 degrees. Small particles scatter light at large angles while large particles scatter light at small angles relative to the laser beam. The data is collected continuously throughout the measurement, is analyzed and put through an algorithm using Microtrac’s innovative modified Mie scattering theory and produces accurate particle size distributions for both spherical and non-spherical particles.

Microtrac Compliance with ISO 13320 Particle Size Analysis – Laser Diffraction Methods

What sets Microtrac’s laser diffraction instruments apart:

  • Patented tri-laser design utilizing all red lasers, all blue lasers or a combination. These different configurations give better accuracy depending on the size of your particles
  • Fixed optics with solid state laser diodes provide long-lasting ruggedness, reliability, and requires zero stabilization time
  • Fourier optical system delivers the optimal pattern of light by assuring that the angle of incidence is constant
  • Always-on volume direct detectors are collecting light throughout the entire measurement, providing the most amount of data for analysis and reporting

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S3500 – One, two, or three red lasers for cost effective particle size analysis plus flexible upgrade options

Bluewave – One red and two blue lasers for great resolution as well as widest particle size distribution analysis capability on the market

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We make identifying agglomeration or taking a first principle look at outliers easy
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