Meet the PAL Team

Meet the Microtrac PAL Team, a staff of particle characterization professionals with over 25 years experience.

Dr. Phil Plantz

Dr. Phil Plantz, Microtrac's Application  ManagerDr. Philip Plantz received his MS and PhD degrees from The Pennsylvania State University after receiving a BS in Chemistry from Drexel University. After completing an NSF NRC postdoctoral position, he joined the biochemistry instrumentation group at Leeds and Northrup where he was involved with analytical enzyme development. For many years he has been associated with the Microtrac laser particle instrument group during which he has lead the development of many practical methods used for laser particle size measurement.

He is presently Applications Manger/Course Director for Microtrac and is Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at St. Petersburg College in Florida. Dr. Plantz has been the author of numerous presentations in particle size measurement and has written five chapters published in particle size textbooks.

Toni Weigel

Ms. Toni Weigel has been with the Microtrac particle size group for 25+ years and has been notably involved in particle size method development. She currently is Laboratory Manager for Microtrac in York, Pennsylvania. Ms. Weigel is trained in the area of chemistry. She is a certified ISO Auditor, and is cGMP/cGLP certified. Specialty includes Test Method Development, FDA validation and method development and transfer. She has co-authored several particle size publications.

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