Accurate particle size zeta potential analyzer ideal for characterizing materials across the widest concentration range.

Nanotrac Wave II particle size zeta potential analyzer

Featuring an enhancement to traditional DLS, the Nanotrac Wave II employs Reference Beating, which amplifies the signal back to the photodector, producing unparalleled accuracy for measuring particle size, zeta potential, molecular weight, and concentration of colloidal systems.

The Nanotrac Wave II provides user with superior particle analysis capability by taking advantage of an enhanced optical signal, innovative probe technology, and advanced algorithms. Whether your material is ppm or near finished product, the Wave II obtains fast, sensitive, and precise measurements of materials ranging from sub-nanometer to several microns.

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Reference Beating increases the optical signal anywhere from 100 to 1,000,000 times compared to traditional DLS. The increased optical signal enables users to accurately measure single and multi-mode distributions across the widest concentration range in the market. Dubbed appropriately, the Microtrac Way, check out this short presentation to learn more about our proprietary technology.

Applications for the Nanotrac Wave II:

Nanotrac Wave II Instrument Details:

  • Enhanced optical signal for superior accuracy compliments of Reference Beating – available only from Microtrac
  • Unique probe design, fixed optics, and 180° backscatter collection enables fast and precise measurement across the widest concentration range – from ppm to near solids (40 %)
  • Measures particles ranging in size from 0.3 to 10,000 nanometers
  • No “A priori” or advance knowledge of the particle size distribution is required
  • Able to measure Zeta Potential closer to iso-electric point by eliminating errors caused by electro-osmotic flow. ZP measurement ranges from -200 to +200mV
  • User selectable data presentation modes
    • Distribution – standard volume particle size distribution
    • Legacy – ensure data consistency when transitioning from “legacy” instrument
    • Mode – simultaneously measure size and concentration –  Watch presentation that explains the capability.
  • Removable sample cell – available in Teflon or stainless steel
  • 150 µl sample volume required – ideal for high dollar materials
  • Peltier temperature control device
  • Multiple flow cell options – ability to connect a titrator.

15nm and 120nm bi-mode? No problem for the Nanotrac Wave II. Check out those clean peaks!


To see if the Nanotrac Wave II is right for your nanoparticles, click here to speak with a Microtrac technical specialist.

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