PartAn 3D Maxi PRO On-line Analyzer

An on-line large particle size & shape analyzer used for process control

PartAn 3D Maxi PRO On-line Analyzer

The PartAn3D Maxi PRO is a large particle size and shape analyzer that can measure particles ranging in size from 160 to 135,000 microns. Microtrac uses patented on-line 3D analysis technology with the PartAn3D PRO and PartAn3D Maxi PRO. We have over over 25 years experience helping quality control departments improve their product quality with Online Dynamic Image Analysis.

Check out this presentation that showcases our innovative 3D image analysis solution:

Check out the webinar below which details our proprietary 3D particle size and shape capability:

Microtrac PartAn3DMaxi Applications:

Microtrac PartAn3D Maxi Features:

  • Characterizes 32 morphological parameters of your material including 3D
  • Non-contact measurement of dry particles ranging in size from 160 – 135,000 microns
  • Analyzes 100 images per second with high-speed, high-resolution camera
  • Enclosed optical system which reduces downtime for maintenance
  • Explosion proof
  • Clean integration with 3rd party sample delivery devices
  • Optimized for control room use
  • Customizable sample conditioning

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