PartAn Mini

The PartAn Mini is a fine particle size and shape analyzer. 

PartAn_Mini Particle Size and Shape Analyzer
By utilizing compressed air, the PartAn Mini can evenly disperse fine, cohesive powders for accurate particle size and shape measurements. The PartAn Mini measures from 4 to 4500 microns. Our PartAn Mini is well known for its ability to produce and reproduce accurate, quick and reliable results that easily can be calibrated to your quality control procedures.

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The PartAn Mini results can be adjust to sieve results. All particles in the measuring field are measured. The measured distribution data are stored and can be printed (graphic and table form).

The PartAn Mini can be used as a pure particle analyser with a resolution up to 2048 classes, for shape and size analysis.

The measuring protocol includes the following data:

  • Free programmable upper and lower limits per class
  • Percentage per class
  • Number of measured particles per class
  • Deviation of roundness (NSP*) per class in %
  • Deviation of total roundness (NSP*) in %
  • Roundness (NSP*) per class in %
  • Total roundness (NSP*) in %
  • The length/thickness aspect ratio per class
  • The length/thickness aspect ratio total
  • Duration measurement
  • Date and time of the measurement
    (*= Non Spherical Particles)

All procedures such as sample supply, start and end of the measuring procedure are controlled fully automatically by the PARTAN MINI.

Applications for the Microtrac PartAn Mini:

Microtrac PartAn Mini Features:

  • Characterizes 31 morphological parameters
  • Non-contact measurement of dry particles ranging in size from 4 to 4500 microns
  • Utilizes compressed air to disperse fine powders
  • Analyzes 100 images per second with high-speed, high-resolution camera
  • Rugged design with a compact footprint
  • Enclosed optical system which reduces downtime for maintenance

Microtrac PartAn Mini Benefits:

  • By having the ability to measure 31 parameters including 15 size, 13 shape/form, 3 surface roughness, density, and transparency analysis, the PartAnMiniprovides a user with superior analysis capability that enables quick and confident decision making regarding product quality.
  • With an even dispersion of cohesive particles compliments of the compressed air, the PartAn Mini saves the user valuable time by not having to find additional methods for breaking apart the “sticky” particles.
  • Industry leading size range provides the user with greater analysis flexibility to measure a variety of materials.
  • The high-speed, high-resolution camera ensures multiple, vivid pictures of your material are collected which result in accurate analysis.
  • Engineered to be able to handle the toughest environments, the PartAn Mini is adaptable for any lab setting.
  • The self-cleaning mechanism allows a user to spend less time cleaning the instrument, and more time being productive.
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