Image Analysis Application Notes

Learn more about dynamic image analysis with Microtrac’s application notes

Advantages of 3D Dynamic Image Analysis vs 2D – For non-spherical particles, measuring length, width, and thickness with dynamic image analysis delivers superior accuracy compared to 2D analyzers that make assumptions about the particle’s thickness based on length and width measurements. This app note explains the advantages of measuring all three dimensions.

The Benefits of 3D Image Analysis – Dynamic image analysis (DIA) is a particle characterization technique rapidly growing in popularity, because it measures so much more, and so much better than older conventional methods measure and report only one particle parameter.

On-Line Particle Image Analysis to Control the Fertilizer Manufacturing Process – This application note explains how fertilizer manufacturers can increase their revenue and improve production efficiency by implementing 3D particle image analysis.

Using 3D Particle Size and Shape to Measure Transparency of Glass Beads – This white paper explains how dynamic image analysis can accurately measure the size, shape, and transparency of glass beads used primarily for reflective road markings. Additionally, this paper will also explain how the PartAn software can create filters, which allow a user to quickly identify “good beads” compared to “bad beads.”

Using 3D Dynamic Image Analysis to Measure Proppants – This application note explains the unique advantages of using 3D dynamic image analysis compared to sieve analysis and microscopy to measure proppants, a key material used in the fracking process.

DustMon Operation Procedure – Developed by the Microtrac pal, this helpful guide details, step by step, how to use the instrument and also explains how users of the DustMon can obtain valuable information about the dust content of powders.

Using 3D Dynamic Image Analysis to Measure Geometric Parameters of Aggregates – The following app note explains how users can quickly and accurately measure size, angularity, surface roughness, and elongation (to name of few) of fine and coarse aggregates.

3D Morphological (Size & Shape) Measurement of Crystals – Comparisons Among Four Different Technologies – Crystal samples of Sodium Chloride, Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) and Sugar all exhibit particle shapes which diverge from spherical shape by different degrees. This note will present data from research conducted at University of Hohenheim on how these different particle shapes, as well as sizes, can be measured and quantified on the same instrument – a dynamic image analyzer.

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