SDC – Wet Dispersion

Capable of delivering suspensions to Microtrac particle size analyzers

Microtrac Sample Delivery Controller

The Sample Delivery Controller (SDC) works in conjunction with the Microtrac S3500 and Bluewave laser diffraction systems. The SDC is fully automated and is designed to deliver a well-dispersed sample quickly and accurately.

Microtrac SDC Features:

  • Dispersion vessel constructed of surgical-grade stainless steel
  • Compatible with organic or inorganic samples
  • Integrated ultrasonic probe for sample dispersion
  • Vessel features natural turbulence to ensure sample is dispersed at all times
  • Self-cleaning mechanism

Microtrac SDC Benefits:

  • Rugged surgical steel construction protects the instrument from corrosion
  • High compatibility with samples allows for organizations to have multiple purposes for the instrument
  • Ultrasonic power and duration is programmable
  • Turbulence ensures sample is consistently dispersed, without external stirrer
  • Self-cleaning ensures no carry over from previous measurements

The Microtrac SDC is compatible with:

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