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Accurate analyzers for dry powders from sub micron to several inches

Posted on: October 7th, 2015 by Microtrac

Accurate analyzers for dry powders from sub micron to several inches.

We love difficult to disperse powder samples.


Fragile pharmaceutical API? Absolutely, the more fragile the better. Sticky chocolate powder? Sure, lets measure it by the truck load.

While most particle analyzers struggle to produce accurate dry powder measurements, we at Microtrac welcome them with open arms (we feel the same way about wet materials, but this is a dry powder post).

What allows us to excel with this type of measurement, starts with understanding our customers. During our forty year history, we have worked intimately with our users to learn their biggest challenges and develop solutions that help achieve their material characterization goals.

Here’s what sets our dry powder measurement apart from the rest:

Tri-laser – three, fixed laser diodes covering 163 degrees illuminates the particles while two detectors collect the scattered light. This proprietary alignment makes no assumptions about the material you are measuring, delivering a full size distribution without any comprises. Depending on your size range, take full advantage of blue or red lasers. Because of the short wave length, blue lasers provide precision and sensitivity for measuring sub micron particles. Red lasers are traditionally used for materials larger than one micron.

Reverse Fourier – Ensures that angle of incident is constant when transferring scattered light to the detectors. This unique lens allows our algorithms to produce accurate data without compensating for any discrepancies.

Modified Mie – 95% percent of all particles are non-spherical. Why use an algorithm that’s based off of spherical modeling? That’s exactly what we said, so we developed our patented Modified Mie algorithm. Modified Mie delivers superior accuracy for measuring non-spherical particles. If you are part of the 5% that needs to measure spherical particles, we have you covered too. One click enables you to switch between modes based on your material.

Turbotrac – Eliminating biased results (fines or coarse) and milling of samples, the Turbotrac ensures your material is delivered to the bench unharmed. Utilizing compressed air and a vacuum, this innovative accessory improves efficiency by taking all the guesswork out of sample delivery. Speed and pressure settings can be adjusted based on the material being analyzed.

Not to mention our laser diffraction analyzers are rugged enough to handle environments like oil rigs and underground mines.

What about measuring larger, granular materials?

We also offer patented 3D Dynamic Image Analysis, which measures the length, width, and thickness of your material in one analysis. By using high-speed, high-resolution cameras, the PartAn3D tracks each particle from multiple orientations, allowing our software to provide comprehensive size and morphology data. By measuring both size and morphology, users can create quality profiles of their material, monitor deviations, and take immediate corrective action when deviations occur. The PartAn3D is ideal for measuring granular material above 15 microns. The PartAn3D can also be integrated directly into a process loop for real-time analysis.

We are proud to be demonstrating our innovative dry powder measurement solutions this week at the 2015 Powder Show, located at the Cobb Galleria Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The PBE conference is the premiere event for all things powder and bulk solids. Stop by booth 228 if you are attending the show.

Can’t make it to Atlanta and want to learn more about our solutions? Register for our upcoming webinars.

10/22 11am EST – “Accurate Particle Sizing Of Fragile And Difficult To Disperse Dry Powders”

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11/5 11am EST – “Ensure Optimal Material Properties With 3D Dynamic Image Analysis”

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Speak with a Microtrac technical Specialist.

Particle Analysis Instruments for the Powder & Bulk Solids Industry on Display at PTXTexas

Posted on: September 26th, 2013 by Microtrac

Microtrac, the global pioneer of particle characterization is displaying their industry preferred particle analysis product line at the Powder and Bulk Solids conference in Houston, Texas from October 15th to the 16th.

The Powder and Bulk Solids Conference, commonly referred to as PTXTexas, is Texas’s premiere event for Process Engineers who are looking to expand their knowledge of innovative technology and best practices for the process, handle, package, transport, testing, and storage of dry particulates and bulk solids.  The event is held at the Reliant Center, located in the South Central section of Houston.

Microtrac will be exhibiting the following instruments located at Booth 25:

S3500 – The S3500 is a laser diffraction particle size analyzer that can measure dry powders or wet slurries ranging in particle size from 0.02 to 2800 microns.  Equipped with a proprietary modified Mie calculation, the S3500 has the ability to accurately measure non-spherical particles, unlike analyzers from other manufacturers.

PartAn – Formally referred to as the DIA, the PartAn is the only Dynamic Image Analyzer on the market that can view particles in 3D.  Able to measure particles ranging in size from 20 microns to 35 mm, the PartAn is a perfect alternate to sieve analysis.  The PartAn’s software has the ability to calculate 25 morphological parameters, unlike sieves, which can only measure one.  The PartAn is also available with online capability, a feature that is unique to Microtrac.

Unfortunately these instruments did not make the trip to Houston, but Powder & Bulk Solids professionals can still learn about the unique benefits of Microtrac’s extensive product line.

New to Microtrac!

Dust Particle Characterization

Dustmon – When producing powders, dust can become a problem.  There has never been a way to accurately characterize dust, until now.  The Dustmon is a dust particle characterization instrument that measures how much dust is created by a powder product.  The Dustmon can also determine how long it takes dust to settle, as well as, calculate the particle size distribution.

We look forward to seeing you in Houston!

Not able to attend PTXTexas, but interested in learning more about our instruments? No problem!  Please click here to arrange a complimentary analysis of your material.  You can also request a live or virtual demo, or have us send you further product details.

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