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Particle Size and Imaging System Showcase at PowderMet2013

Posted on: June 24th, 2013 by Microtrac

Particle Size and Imaging System Showcase at PowderMet2013

Microtrac, the Global Pioneer of Particle Characterization, will be displaying our industry preferred Particle Size and Dynamic Image Analysis systems at PowderMet2013 from June 24th to June 27th 2013.   The event will take place at the Chicago Sheraton.

The 2013 International Conference on Powder Metallurgy and Particulate Materials, commonly referred to as PowderMet2013, is the premiere international exhibit for professionals who are interested in the developments in powder metallurgy and particulate materials technology.

Located at booth 116, Microtrac will be showcasing the following systems:

S3500 Wet/Dry System –  The S3500 is a Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer that has the ability to measure wet or dry particles in the size range of 0.02 microns to 2800 microns.  Equipped with the patented Tri-Laser configuration, the S3500 has the ability to analyze particles with unsurpassed accuracy and resolution.  The S3500 also includes the proprietary Modified Mie calculation, which accounts for non-spherical particles.

SI Optical Image Analyzer – By combining Laser Diffraction with Image Analysis, researchers now have the ability to gain a better understanding of the size distribution and physical characteristics of their material that can affect quality outcomes.  The Microtrac SI works in conjunction with the S3500 and Bluewave Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzers.  The SI is able to capture high-resolution images of particles as they pass by the high-speed camera.  To view SI data, please click here.

Interested in evaluating one of our material characterization instruments?  Microtrac offers complimentary analysis for instrument evaluation purposes.  Click here to arrange shipping of your material.  If you prefer an on-site demo, Microtrac an accommodate you as well.  Click here to request a demo.

Can’t make it to the Sheraton Chicago for PowderMet2013 and would like more information on Microtrac’s instruments?  Please click here to contact Microtrac’s dedicated staff.

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