TurboSync Dry Delivery System

The TurboSync delivers properly dispersed sample to the Sync, allowing for consistent and repeatable analyses of dry powders.

Microtrac TurboSync disperses dry samples to the Sync

The Microtrac Sync makes it fast and easy to switch between wet and dry systems. Just click and go! The TurboSync works in conjunction with the Microtrac Sync system and can easily be switched out for the FlowSync.

TurboSync Benefits

  • Compressed air and flow conditions settings allow the operator to achieve optimal dispersion usually associated with fluid dispersal systems for highly agglomerated
    materials such as alumina. Dispersion conditions can be fine-tuned for measurement of the most fragile materials.
  • Sample volumes can be as small as 0.1 cc. Ideal for applications where sample is expensive to produce or produced in small volumes.
  • Measurement time is typically 10 seconds with the TurboSync autoscan.
  • Microtrac FLEX software facilitates programming of measurement cycles. Simply place the sample in the sample tray and press RUN. Data is saved on the system PC or can be exported to user networks or LIMS systems.
  • Consistent control of aspiration settings deliver excellent sample to sample and bench to bench repeatability.
  • The TurboSync features a one-step smart disconnect/connect mechanism. Changing from wet to dry analysis mode requires no complicated wiring or tubing reconnection. Simply disengage one sample module and engage the other.

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