Why Microtrac?

It’s easy to perform a particle size distribution analysis, but here’s what sets Microtrac apart from the rest of the particle world.

We are a dedicated team of experts, ready to deliver solutions to the particle science industry. Outlined below is a synopsis of what makes Microtrac’s particle characterization technology and service offerings unique.

1 – A pioneer in particle analysis since 1970

There is a reason that very few people remember Bert Hinkler – he was the second to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Charles Lindberg was the first, and he is a household name.

Similar to Lindberg, Microtrac was the first to use Laser Diffraction to measure particle size. Since inventing its first instrument, Microtrac has spent the last five decades improving on its technology.

2 – Design values

An engineering team with a combined experience of 100 years is dedicated to delivering innovative instruments. Guided by an ISO system that monitors design, manufacturing, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement, Microtrac strives to deliver instruments that will improve any industry/company in which they are utilized.

3 – Dedication to particle characterization

Our employees are scientists, just like our clients. Contributing to Microtrac’s instrument offerings has been the life’s work of most Microtrac employees. Their level of commitment to their craft is often imitated, but never duplicated by our competitors.

4 – Application response

Not every application is created equally. Ranging from simple to complex, Microtrac has the ability to provide expert guidance for a wide range of applications. By developing inclusive customer training programs, SOP development, and case-by-case consulting, Microtrac continues to exceed customer expectations.  

5 – Service

Offering support via telephone and on-site maintenance, Microtrac is committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

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