Automated titration device used to control the pH and  polyelectrolyte concentration in solutions, colloids, suspensions, and emulsions.

Microtrac-Zetrator-Dynamic-Light-ScatteringThe Zetrator works in conjunction with the Microtrac DLS system.  The Zetrator is available in 1, 3, or 5 titrant stations.

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Microtrac Zetrator Features:

  • Uses pH as the controlling variable
  • Bubble-free pumping and circulation action
  • Various configurations available to satisfy all applications
  • Intelligent and self -cleaning
  • Seamless software integration

Microtrac Zetrator Features:

  • By studying pH data, researchers can determine the stable regions and then be able to alter process or storage conditions accordingly.
  • Innovative designed pump components and valves that reduce the generation of bubbles and drastically cut down erroneous data reports
  • Various configurations allow users to customize the device to fit individual organization/process needs
  • Self-cleaning ensures no carryover from previous measurements
  • “Out of the Box” capability enables quick setup for first use

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